RAfA (Rain Alarm for Astrophotography)

Hardware device

Plug-and-play system that allows amateur astronomers to safely leave their astrophotography equipment outdoors overnight, with instant alerts for unexpected rain 🌧️.

Started in September 2023, ongoing development.

Techno used: Arduino, ESP32, C++, LoRA, KiCad, 3D Printing.

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This is this portfolio ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Started in January 2019, maintained.

Techno used: Jekyll, Bootstrap 4, Nothing more.

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Unity asset

Plugin for Unity to bring RPG stats mechanisms into a game.

Started in April 2017, long term support & profit.

Techno used: Unity, C#, Photoshop, Jekyll.

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WebGL game

Caatacombb is a mix of Idle Clicker & RPG game where you manage up to 5 heroes into an endless and dangerous catacombs for no narrative reasons.

Started in January 2016, backend dead -_-.

Techno used: Unity, C#, Blender, Photoshop, Jekyll.

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Agenda for nurses working the Night Shift kept simple.

April 2018.

Techno used: React js, ASP.NET Core 2.2, Bootstrap 4, Docker.

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Paujo Breaker

Hackathon with Kinect

PaujoBreaker is a school project.

December 2015.

Techno used: Unity, C#, Kinect.

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