Caatacombb is an idle clicker - RPG game melted genre.
You control 5 heroes and crawl into an endless linear Caatacombb.

I’ve been working on this project for a particular extended time, for nearly two years, during my studies.
I managed to finish a playable version, that I am currently maintaining. I have learnt a lot technically, from C# & Unity to Blender & Photoshop for the visual art. WebGL1/2 was such a pretty cutting-edge techno back that time, I loved to discover I could reach old flash games quality!
Though, the most interesting part was to manage such a big project alone. That is just not doable! Lesson learned.

I wanted this to be a prototype before launching a startup / a game studio but it turns out I could not find a business model fitting my wishes, my values and the reality of the market for that kind of game (B2C hyper casual, Free to play, virtual purchases, retention mechanics to keep players engaged…).

Let’s dig a bit into the prototype core features:

  • 7 characters (3d modeling, texturing, animations)
  • 3 catacombs room levels (I suck at level design, yeah)
  • Player account system (persistent progression, leaderboard…)
  • AI system shared by all entities (health system, attack system, decision making system, pathfinding A* system)
  • A stats system for the RPG part of the game (leveling, experience, stats…)

You can play Caatacombb on your browser by following the link below.